The universal language of our digital communications

Imagine a world where you communicate using images.

This is Ceolo.


Ceolo is an open source image-based algorithm that powers a universal language. It’s a community-driven technology enriching our digital communications.


With the advent of smartphones, we now have access to billions of images at our fingertips. It opens up to a profound change in the fundamental assumptions of communication; images are a new linguistic paradigm. Ceolo aims to create a collective digital language that is inherently exciting, innovative and evolving to allow image-only conversations.

Images are universal

Today, billions of people can’t communicate because of language differences. Ceolo utilises an image-based language to broaden our knowledge and reduce misunderstandings between people. With just an internet connection, you can send your photos or select from billions of already available images to start a conversation. Express yourself through images and show people your talking points. One image is worth a thousand words.

How does it work?

Ceolo is a powerful image search engine and artificial intelligence (AI) image recognition system. When you want to send a picture representing your thoughts in a conversation, Ceolo helps you rapidly find the image you need or proposes quick replies. Ceolo is designed to be used as a building block for diverse communication applications. It strives to shape new conversations around the globe by enhancing creative thinking capacity.

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